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Natural perfumery: WHY?

‘Natural perfumery is a niche within a niche’, I once said, to somehow name the place that this direction occupies among all the others.

And there is nothing more to say, except to add that it is a nano-niche within a niche, where everything is made by hand, the batches are microscopic and all that. As the critics write ‘it doesn't affect the view of the world, why look there if we have Mugler’. That's where I am - where there's no reason to look there if you're completely satisfied with Mugler.

Because the remedy - ‘to make from all natural’ I chose precisely based on the challenge of ‘to make good for those who don't like the beautiful perfumes they already have’.

I create fragrances ‘To breathe not to smell’, as one customer wrote to me, and for those unfamiliar with not-perfumes, I think that sounds incredibly pathetic.

‘To sniff rather than smell’ - I would expand on that. It has all the right connotations: that smell requires attention, that this story is rather ‘introverted’, that it is not for others but for yourself - perception, development, meditation, that for joy you need to go halfway, to smell creatively and not to take the ready-made.

In general, it is such an interactive game: there is a text, there is a reader; there is a smell and there is someone who reads the smell and thus writes-creates his or her own story. And this moment of co-creation, co-experience, and personal participation in creating one's own personal meaning and aesthetic impression - it is part of the process of consuming non-smells.
That is, this product clearly does not solve the problem of ‘make it simple and beautiful for me’, it does not solve the problem of ‘now I will smell nice and all the men will be mine’.
It solves the problems of ‘I am bored with the smell’ and ‘I want to participate, not to be a passive consumer’.

I have non-smells to complex, to think and co-create, to leisurely savour, and not to die of strength and persistence. Therefore - exclusively from natural materials.

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