Inside the Perfumer's Atelier

Rose oil from Iran

A little bit about " unnecessary" luxury.
I'm experiencing a crush on my new Iranian rose. I mean its essential oil.
In general, rose essential oil is a very ambiguous substance: insanely expensive (prices for something decent start from 10-20 euros for 1 ml; and 50 euros for 1 ml is not uncommon for exceptional harvests), one of the most expensive among natural aromatic extracts. 1 ml, for illustrative purposes, is a fifth of a teaspoon. The price is due to the production process, the yield there is not very high, plus in good places the rose flowers are carefully fermented before distillation, and the process of extracting the fragrant substances with steam itself can be very different, in general, there are a lot of details)

Rose oil needs space and air. Its beauty comes through volume, and distance. Then the oil smells like rain, which was formed in paradise bushes, iridescent pollen from the wings of fairies, golden fruits of eternal youth.
I think that's why many people ‘don't understand’ this rose essential oil, and quite often I come across the authoritative ‘rose e.m. doesn't smell like rose’ (what does??), and certainly rose absolute is an extract obtained in a different way, not by distillation, more familiarly alo-pink. If you sniff it ‘out of the bottle’, expecting to get a live rose - no miracle will happen.

Meanwhile, there are many miracles in this oil and I have thought of a way to describe them. Rose oil creates a ‘room with a view’ out of a composition. It does not make an ‘interior’, most of the time, nor does it make a ‘protagonist’. For interiority and protagonists, go to rose absolutes and molecules. Rose oil creates the beauty that can be seen from the window, and every oil, and it is very variable, creates its own beauty.
This very ‘sea view’ or the view of the tiled roofs that the sunset gilds, something that can increase the price of living in an apartment many times over, is rose oil. An ‘optional’ luxury that can give the person who cares about the view a great deal.

My Iranian oil is citrusy and sparkling, and darkly fruity in the core, it is like the light in Lisbon, the crazy golden clouds, the streams of light that reflect in the white cobblestones of the pavements and in the waters of the Tagus, multiplying and crushing. And that oil in the composition - it's like a window overlooking a Lisbon summer sunset, strong and gentle.

Is it possible to consider it an unnecessary luxury and prefer the window-to-window view of a nine-storey building? Of course you can, and it will be more economical. However, in my opinion, perfume is a luxury in general, a thing deeply unnecessary, but decorating life. And if you decorate it, you should decorate it in such a way that it would be a joy.

As many times as I decided to ‘overpay for the view’ on trips, I was so many times glad and thought that it was one of the best bargains I could think of.

You know, when your legs don't move, you lie with them on the wall and annoyingly think: well, here I am in XX city and I'm lying there, and time is running out! And so - you lie, turn your head - and here is the city of XX in front of you in the most favourable light. And you also smell it, and the wind of the city is with you too.

And this is also an impression, in a piggy bank of happiness and joy for long winter evenings (or sleepless nights). In Istanbul we had a great window with access to the fire escape, it's been ten years - and I remember it, and here's a photo of it! I don't know, have you ever had a window view make your holiday or work trip ten times more beautiful? If you have, you can see why I love rose oil, that luxury that you can do without, and for which you ‘can't understand why you would overpay’.

Yes, and Turkish rose, for example, gives a kind of similar view of this Istanbul, misty and pink and blue.
Turkish rose is always in my use, in my permanent collection it is very decent in Without words, this pink and wormwood potion, and in the darkest chypre Venetian red, where it neighbours with absolute for extra density.
And there are a lot of ‘windows with views’ in them, much more than one.