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Natural Perfumery: Perfume or EDP?

Anna Zworykina Perfumes  regular collection
Anna Zworykina Perfumes regular collection comes in both eau de parfum (EDP) and perfume concentration. A lot of people ask me, what’s the difference? Basically, EDP and Perfume are like espresso and americano.
The perfume character is more dense and deep, it’s like a tiny cap of strong espresso. Eau de perfume wafts further, sounds in a more uplifting way, like a cup of fragrant, delicate filter coffee.

In general "perfume" lasts a bit longer than Edp, but the difference isn't that dramatic, to be honest.

EDP makes the fragrance airier and provides a lot of space, which means that you can smell it from further distance than perfume. In other words it has a bit stronger sillage.

The most important difference is how the fragrance develops. In perfume all “notes” come together – for example, you smell citrus and amber in the first minute, and in edp citrus comes first and amber comes later, and composition seems lighter. EDP develops from beginning to end a bit slower than perfume.

So, how to choose? In general, EDP gives a more clear and transparent experience of the fragrances. Each concentration has its own merits and that’s why people love both of them. They both can fit nicely into your lifestyle. Anyway, the only way to know what works for you better is getting samples and trying.

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