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Try Anna Zworykina's fragrances if you like true vintage (for example a cuir de Russie leather made with real castoreum and birch tar); or if you like complex challenging scents which are like a riddle or a labyrinth (it's easy get lost in the ultimate complexity of natural materials vs clean simplicity of synthetic compounds).

Landscape perfumes

Perfumes about cool wind, sea breeze, sunlight, and high skies. These are fragrances of freshness, of nature's landscapes, sheer and bright.

150 days to summer
150 days to summer - Made in the dead of winter, this perfume reminds you of how it feels when it is sunny and green and are flowers. “150 days till Summer” is a classic eau de cologne composition – citruses, green leaves and spicy herbs. A drink of summer anytime. Sheer happiness. Shafts of light through leaves, chiaroscuro pattern on the earth, the smell of flowers in the wind. It flows easily and transparent.

To get yourself one of the summers it holds inside just put the perfume generously.
Bergamot, grapefruit, sage, black currant bud, mayoran, nutmeg, ginger, roses, Tonka beans.

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Currant mood
Blackcurrant chypre. It’s a story of summer warmth that comes to replace wild spring. It is a vivid mix of blackcurrant tea, green tomato leaves, jasmine, and garden rose blossoms on a chypre base, smelling of a mysterious forest. Currant mood will blow you back to spring, and green flourish even from the darkest and coldest winter.\

If dabbed on, the perfume shows more green buds, lush vegetation, and tea notes with old wood and forest with dark moss. If sprayed — more blossoms, warm summer light, and sillage are airy and pleasant. Blackcurrant bud, tomato leaves, bergamot, rose, jasmine, green tea, lavender, labdanum, oakmoss, vetiver.

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Silver Lavender
А lavender fougere. Clear sky, first green leaves, spring wind, bring cooling murmur of the river. Life is all yours to live.

This clear and very clean, transparent fragrance demands high clear sky and cold but not chilly weather. Spray it if what you want is incense, roses, and orris, or dab it if all you want is lavender. It grounds very well, calms down, and sets you into a meditative mood.
Galbanum, rosemary, absinthe, yuzu, frankincense, elemi, sage, lavender, rose de may, jasmine, orris, labdanum, oakmoss, opoponax, sandalwood.

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А lavender and sage fougere. Its name is the name of the grayish-green color, the same as the color of sage.

The aroma is green and bitter, tart, at once rough and velvety. It has all the components of a classic fougere: the citrus-galbanum top, the heart embroidered in jasmine and lavender over rich sage silk and the base of wood and tonka beans
Warm weather makes its flowers shine brighter. The cold brings forth the perfume’s tart bitterness.

Rosemary, sage, lavender, frankincense, roses, jasmine, opoponax, angelica root, labdanum, vetiver, Tonka bean.

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Wind from Kailash
Wind from mountain Kailash perfume is fresh, with cold and windy top notes, resins, and sacred incenses in the middle and burnt Tibetian healing incenses aftertaste.
For Hindus, Kailash is the home of the mountain god Shiva and a sign of his power symbol om. Legends say that Garuda was born on the top of the mountain to protect the human race from disasters sent by the serpent race of Nags.
Ideal for hot weather.

White sage, wormwood, elemi, cedarwood, guaiac wood, frankincense, lavender, oregano, opoponax.

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Green Madness
А perfume of bergamot absinthe, olibanum, and vetiver. A mixture of sunlight, forest shadows, and green witchy glowing. The smell of wild gloomy woods, the rustle of dead pine needles covering dry earth, and a triumphant melody of growing grass. The smoke of distant fires, spurts of hot red flame, une fleur du fougere.

Wormwood, green and bitter, burning incense, rays of bergamot tartness of blackcurrant buds lead to lavender, mimosa and rose petals heart. Base notes are shadowy, even dark – woods, vetiver, and moss.

Summer is the best time to wear this perfume, be it hot or fresh – it beautifully resonates with full of life midsummer.

Wormwood, elemi, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, roses, cognac, Vanuatu sandalwood, angelica root, vetiver, oakmoss.

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Apple Orchard
It's a fruity Chypre. The smell of Apple Orchard tells the story of that very time when leaves are about to turn yellow, of apples falling free to the ground, of an abandoned apple orchard, where grow mixed together with wild and cultivated apple-trees, of magical herbs, of cold earth and of fruit-tree firewood, burning with lazy but hot, pinkish flame.

Autumn is the best season to wear it, whether it is sunny or rainy.

Galbanum, black currant bud, jasmine, neroli, champaka, roses, lavender, oregano, cognac, cardamom, angelica, oakmoss, vetiver, labdanum, vanilla.

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Warm and Enveloping

Warm, warming, enveloping perfumes. Spices and vanilla, silk and cashmere, flowers, honey, and balsams.

Coffee and chocolate
A gourmand perfume. Sun and citruses in the first sip. Tart smoky coffee and bitter, spicy chocolate. Time stops in the equilibrium point of “now” and “forever.” All you feel is warmth and beat of life. It is a story about a morning glass of orange juice, freshly squeezed and zesty, about a cup of coffee with a biscuit late at night, and about a liqueur-filled chocolate candy.

It’s aroma invigorates, brings a hedonistic mood, it has a tangible warm aura. If put on hair, it makes a good sillage.

Bitter orange, frankincense, black pepper, coffee, cocoa, jasmine, roses, vanilla, sandalwood, labdanum, vetiver

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Shiny Amber
Shiny Amber is sunshine in a bottle. A perfume about summer warm, about glowing resins and sunlight, hidden in the depths of ancient fossilized amber. The warm dense heart amber accord is surrounded by bright, sweet citruses and honeylike flowers. Its main amber accord has been composed with two types of amber: “vegetable amber” – sweet resins of different plants, and “animal amber” — genuine ambergris (here I used tinctured beach-harvested ambergris from New Zealand)

The aroma is shimmering with all shades of amber, it warms and relaxes.
If dubbed, the perfume comes as a rich and dense amber scent with a bright, sweet start. Eau de parfum in spray-form is airy, light, and very warm, like a cashmere-silk shawl. Shiny Amber could be the ideal choice to wear when the weather is nasty and gloomy. And it smells magnificent when it’s really cold!

Ginger, lemon, bergamot, yuzu, jasmine, champaka, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla, tonka bean, ambergris.

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Golden lavender
А warm lavender perfume, where gold soft silky smooth lavender along with mimosa and cassia goes down to a soft base warmed with spices. Warm golden light, summer delights.
Golden Lavender is a small, faithful helper in a fight with gloomy mood and winter blues. Lavender will help to cope with uneasiness, and the flowers will bring joy along.

The perfume embraces like soft cashmere, brings warmth like a glass of hot milk with spices, calms down, and gladdens.

Bergamot, cassia, lemon, ginger lily, Bulgarian rose, lavender, jasmine, clary sage, ylang-ylang, rosewood, Peruvian balsam, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, angelica, labdanum.

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My vanilla
My vanilla — this woody-balsamic perfume is not about cookies and buns at all. Anti-culinary vanilla, it tells stories of winds from afar, of ship planks, of spices and ardent heat of sand in the sun. Jasmine, orange blossom and ylang-ylang create an impression of intoxicating aroma of tropical forest in bloom. Juniper berries and cedars suggest the presence of barrels of rum somewhere around. Dark caramel, resins, tar, fruits, leather – all those edges of vanilla’s smell which is often ignored by culinary aficionados.

It starts bright and spicy, blossoming with heat, gives warmth in the cold, invigorates, and inspires.

Black pepper, clove, galbanum, elemi, juniper berry, nutmeg, jasmine, cumin, orange blossom, cardamom, cedarwood, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, orris, agarwood

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Fallen leaves
An autumn woody-balsamic perfume. Fallen leaves, slowly becoming nothing, almost devoid of festive colors of golden autumn, humid air, an occasional and already a bit cold ray of the late autumn sun, sharp smell of cooling down earth, anguish, and hope, while seeing-off warmth.

This perfume will bring nostalgia to ones and calm the others, reconciling them with inevitably approaching winter.

An aromatic bouquet of immortelle, hop, and orris twines a comforting cocoon around you in moist air, bringing warmth and peace.

Cistus, frankincense, myrrh, tonka beans, hops, everlasting, Himalayan cedar, patchouli, cardamom, iris, vanilla.

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Honey and tar
Leather, gourmet fragrance. Winter smell, wrapping in a thick warm cloud. Sweetness if honey and tanginess if tar sing the same song together. Honey that smells not only of summer bee-gardens but also of the salt of far voyages, of resins and wood.

Hop, castoreum, honey absolute, Tonca bean, tar, cardamom, cinnamon, benzoin, vanilla, patchouli, Himalayan сedarwood, sandalwood

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Winter blush
Winter Blush is a story of winter joys – to redden strolling in a frozen park, to warm up with mulled wine, to eat an orange while it snows outside. The perfume starts with a bright accord of oranges; it blossoms with flowers, gets a little spicy with nuances of hard liquors, and ends with a balsamic-woody base, warm and dry. There, one can find a sea of roses as well as piquancy of spices and the soft glow of thick winter wines.

The smell of Winter Blush is a miracle cure for depression any time of day, be it in a morning started on the wrong foot or at a party when all of a sudden, you find yourself a little sad with no reason at all. In the cold Winter Blush’s flowers hesitate to show up, but as soon as you get into the warm, it’s bright scarlet flowers bloom in all their glory.

A wise choice for a celebration or a party.

Orange, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, cognac, cardamom, vanilla, orris, benzoin, rosewood, cedarwood, labdanum, Peru balsam.

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It is a collection for those who are fond of dark fairytales and mystery stories. Smells of marshes and deep woods, stale waters and abandoned castles, seaweed, and damp wood.

Emerald green
Emerald Green is a bitter avant-garde perfume dedicated to the color of the same name. Sharp with icy sides and aromatic herbs. A bright floral heart of jasmine, orange blossom, and lotus flower softly shine through boozy notes with absinth and herbs. The fond is dark, dense, and mossy.

A very cold perfume, it tinkles with ice in the cold, blooms with flowers in humid air; and when it’s warm, foresty, mossy base is especially delicious.

Bitter almond, absinthe, cognac, galbanum, angelica seed, juniper, violet leaf, jasmine, orange blossom, white lotus, clove, cardamom, frankincense, sandalwood, labdanum, oakmoss, myrrh.

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A thick woody-balsamic perfume. It is the soul of the dark, nature’s deep sleep, hidden movements of a soul. Melt and patterned, they form a kind of Materia Prima – the base of all matter, the quintessence.

Nigredo, or “blackness” is the first pathway to the philosophers' stone, when all alchemical ingredients are cleansed and then cooked together to a uniform black matter.

The story about humus, the beginning of everything matter, the beginning of time: dense, thick, bitter-sweet, with very interesting ingredients — tuberose, boletus absolute, vanilla, patchouli, spikenard, ciperus, green pepper and cognac oil.

Elemi, spikenard, frankincense, cognac, tuberose, rose, osmanthus, mushrooms, agarwood, castoreum, orris, opoponax, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, oakmoss.

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Petals&Ashes is a perfume about the eternal blooming of life withstanding inevitable flowing of time, about heaps of white petals and fragrant ashes. Softly shining white blossoms… Leaves and fruits are gently wrapped in aromatic smoke. Everything flows, and the precious woods turn to ashes, ashes – to dust.

If you prefer a progressively developing aroma, it is better to get an EdP spray — you’ll get a bright fruity-floral accord slowly developing thin strands of fragrant smoke when triumphant light of vegetative life unhurriedly fades to the smells of woods and rain-soaked earth.

On the contrary, with perfume in splash form, you’ll get everything at once — both petals and ashes, a pure drama of our lives, a culminating point.

Yuzu, neroli, rose, jasmine, tuberose, frankincense, sandalwood, labdanum, spikenard, mitti attar (earth attar), agarwood attar (shamama attar) myrrh, angelica root.

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Venetian red
Venetian Red is a perfume dedicated to this pigment. The pigment is a darker shade of scarlet, derived from nearly pure ferric oxide. Red like blood, warm, and totally enjoyable.
The perfume is a trip along dark narrow streets of a very old town, along slippery with slime and algae canal banks, along with low seashores often submerged, when the sea breeze is chilly-fresh, the stones are cold, and all the wood around is dried and tarred. The only tender thing on your way will be the red color of sudden rose petals added as a counterpoint.

Cold weather pulls forward the woody base, and the rose, as it should be, steps out only when it’s warm.

Seaweed, ambergris, nutmeg, neroli, rose, orange blossom, jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum, angelica.

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An aromatic portrait of the city of Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. All the shades of grey stones and plaster. Grey bark of trees and pipals painted cream with spots of fungi and lichens. Bluish-white porcelain chips of mosaicked walls. Ancient roof-tiles, once terracotta, are all green now with moss. The green of leaves, of grass, of water plants, green of pond water, bright flowers of water hyacinth, and sacred blue lotus. The carmine of old pagodas, the wood of garden houses dark with time, bluish-green sides of huge incense burners, whitish-grey smoke of burning incense leaving soot on stone walls.

It is a very strange perfume, maybe the most difficult for an understanding of all the others in the regular collection. First of all, because it is more a portrait than a perfume, it’s very lasting, with noticeable sillage and troubled character. To feel the atmosphere of the place, even make things hyper-realistic, it’s better to wear the perfume in hot and humid weather. Then it works magic.

Mango leaf, violet leaf, seaweed, elemi, choya nakh, choya loban, choya ral, kewda, hop, jasmine, frangipani, pink lotus, juniper, rose, lavender, frankincense, agarwood, angelica, labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, mitti attar, sandalwood, saffron, myrrh.

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Ghost house
Ghost house — a woody-balsamic perfume made especially for wearing in the mid-autumn.

This is a story about an old wooden house, with thick, soft dust, creaky floorboards, and winding stairs. Wind blowing through a broken window leaf touches the strings of an old grand piano, making them tremble soundly with sadness. Old coarsened bindings tightly hold pages, dry-cured by the adamant time — a blooming bush of wild roses in the autumn garden.

Cistus, frankincense, cassia, rose, patchouli, choya loban, agarwood, Guaiac wood, vetiver.

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The dark side of the Goddess
A dark balsamic gothic perfume.

A story of the dark side of the soul, of what is covered by shadow. The smoke of a sacral fire, hidden splashes of jasmine, humid earth, incense, backwoods. Absinthe, olibanum, and spices are dizzying and sharpen perception. Jasmine, mimosa, tagetes smell dense and heady mixed with dark resins. The woody-balsamic base is dark and deep.
It is a perfume for meditation, for seclusion, a good companion to travel the dark pathways of one’s soul.

Myrtle, bay, cassia, nutmeg, frankincense, jasmine, tagetes, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh.

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Perfume and curried leather are connected historically, and leather-themed fragrances have a long history. This collection is all about the smell of leather without any actual leather as an ingredient. It is about suede and leather, gloves and saddles… all kinds of leather and leather goods.

Cuir de Russie (Russian Leather)
Cuir de Russie — “Russian Leather” is very traditional for the leather theme in perfumery. Real Russian leather is distinguished from any other by strictly required usage of Birch Tar in the process of oiling. Here in Cuir de Russie, you’ll find this magnificent, powerful smoky tar. This is leather in the raw. Tarry, with tobacco, wormwood, and castoreum. Universal leather.

It is a chypre with bright galbanum and bergamot start, a floral heart, and a marvelous base composed of oakmoss, sweet labdanum absolute, patchouli, and castoreum. Surrounded by tarry smoke, the flowers bloom — jasmine and roses, ylang-ylang and orange flower. And the smell of leather reminds of horses, harness, and autumn hunting.
The perfume is exquisite in any weather, but the warmer it is, the more tarry it will be.

Galbanum, lemon, bergamot, yuzu, absinthe, tar, orange blossom, rose de may, jasmine, ylang-ylang, carnation, tobacco, oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum, vetiver, Vanuatu sandalwood, ambrette, castoreum, ambergris.

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A modern urban leather perfume. Leather, asphalt of city streets, and exotic lilies in hot summer air. Sharp like destroying jealousy and bitter like unanswered passion.

It shows, more or less obediently, leather, some wormwood with flowers, and gasoline exhaust of a landaulet in summer city… But unpredictable happens, and it can draw you a sudden something, for example, a bouquet of lilies. Predatory tiger lilies wrapped in leather.

A perfume with many faces, it likes both heat and cold, seashore and desert sands, are a libre and scalding concrete jungle of a city.

Galbanum, wormwood, bergamot, estragon, neroli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, roses, white cedar, choya loban, tobacco, vanilla, labdanum, orris, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver.

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Secret dreams
A leather perfume that opens the door of your inner private chamber. What desires or fears are kept hidden in the depth of a heart? What dreams slip away faster than could be clothed in words? A key on a leather string can open the room. Perfume can catch elusive dreams into its nets: leather, cognac, spices, dark woods.

Juniper, clove, black pepper, cumin, davana, cognac, tobacco, rose, osmanthus, cardamom, immortelle, castoreum, saffron, patchouli, oakmoss, myrrh, labdanum, cedarwood.

On the contrary, with perfume in splash form, you’ll get everything at once — both petals and ashes, a pure drama of our lives, a culminating point.

Yuzu, neroli, rose, jasmine, tuberose, frankincense, sandalwood, labdanum, spikenard, mitti attar (earth attar), agarwood attar (shamama attar) myrrh, angelica root.

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The Second Skin
Soft leather-gourmand chypre. The theme of leather here is played softly: no tar, no smoke, but the thick aromas of flowers, tobacco, and dried fruits are waving dense ornament instead. Quiet power, confidence, sudden touches, whispers, velvet skin- the perfume is extremely kinesthetic. It forms a cozy, protective cocoon around its wearer in nasty weather, that let him forget about the winter at all.

If sprayed, it shows more gourmand and flowery notes, and a greater sillage.

Bergamot, immortelle, carnation, tuberose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, rose, cassia, black tea, cognac, tobacco, vanilla, castoreum, white cedar, sandalwood, labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, ambrette

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Young Cossack
Young Cossack — is an aromatic leather chypre. The clopping of horse hooves, dust, smoke, steppe covered with thyme and absinthe. Heat haze, leather gloves, saddles and harness, tobacco and honey, flowering hawthorn hedge grow, - and the road again, with a reward - a long evening by the hearth - ahead.

A perfume-landscape, it has heroes – men and horses, as well as the vastness of flatlands, and a day-long passing of the sun in the sky. Surprisingly, but whole the story started off with an image of a sheaf of dry aromatic wormwood forgotten with a leather glove…

Wormwood, thyme, oregano, immortelle, vetiver, oakmoss - all the shades of brown and green.

Galbanum, absinthe, davana, tarragon, thyme, lavender, cumin, frankincense, immortelle, tobacco, vetiver, oakmoss, costus, agarwood.

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Tobacco Tuberose
a leather floral perfume. Green bitterness, milky-white flowers in a half-light of a library, soft clouds of tobacco smoke, cozy leather chairs, silence, and comfort.

It is tobacco, which surely leads in this duet. Warm and rich, the fragrance opens with bitter, slightly metallic green notes of violet leaves, they unfurl into a dim old cabinet with a library. The cabinet is full of curling flows of tobacco pipe aromatic smoke. Then leather appears, warm and tactile, and then a sudden gust of wind brings heady, almost narcotic smell from a tall, elegant bouquet of tuberoses. Try it on, find out who will lead on you – white flowers or tobacco-leather?

I advise you to choose chilly dull weather to wear this perfume — it warms and comforts in a most subtle and pleasant way.

Wormwood, cistus, violet leaf, frankincense, tuberose, tobacco, rose de may, sandalwood, angelica root, orris, agarwood.

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