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Natural aromatic extracts

Inside the Perfumer's Atelier  - Anna Zworykina Blog
I’m a great fan of aroma materials of natural origin.
I’m truly in love with all these gorgeous essences: rose otto, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood!
It’s very important to choose a reliable source of oils, and no doubt Hermitage oils is one of them.

Today I enjoy my new Sandalwood CO2 extract. It smells not quite like Sandalwood essential oil, more deep and dense. But still amazingly creamy and soft, with a special luxurious vibe. It’s warm, musk aroma, really clean, soft, delicate, sweet, addictive and powerful makes me feel comfortable and cozy. Like you’re in warm and loving embraces. It lasts nearly 5-7 hours on skin, and all this time I’m cocooned in a profoundly calming scent.
I’m sure I’ll use it to create something totally comforting.