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Beautiful stuff!

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What a beautiful review I found at "boards"!!! (the picture makes my heart flutter!!)⁠❤️❤️❤️
"I tried Honey & Tar and Shiny Amber first. First of all, the quality of ingredients here is unbelievable. I don't have anything against synthetics as they are often enhancing the smell but she uses such rich smelling natural ingredients that it leaves you speechless after the first sniff.⁠
Honey & Tar opens with big, dark and unapologetic birch tar. It almost suffocates. After this cloud of smoke settles down, woody facets and earthy patchouli comes out. It has a distinctive warm-spicy character. There are some sweeter undertones but I'm still waiting for honey to show up.⁠

Shiny Amber opens with bright, zesty lemons smell that perhaps only Profumum Roma Acqua Viva comes close to. It smells like peeling real lemons not lemon cleaning products that too many frags smell of. After this initial blast it smoothly transforms to a warm amber scent that surrounds you like a cozy blanket. She apparently used two types of amber to achieve that >“vegetable amber” – sweet resins of different plants, and “animal amber” – genuine ambergris (here I used tinctured beach harvested ambergris from New Zealand)⁠
I also get some prominent honey undertones (it's way more noticeable here than in Honey & Tar) and some florals. Overall it's feminine leaning but it's not a fragrance I'm going to wear outside but rather when I want to get relaxed and cozy while staying inside. Beautiful stuff. "