Inside the Perfumer's Atelier

How did I get into perfumery?

I had been a unsatisfied perfumista for a few years before I started to create perfumes myself. I’m not keen on most modern synthetic fragrance to be honest: they are too loud for me and the silage is overpowering. They might smell really beautifuly but unfortunately I can’t stand this beauty for long, it makes me exhausted. I cannot help but feeling jealous of people with normal sensitivity - they can enjoy all those perfumes. Therefore, I started searching for the fragrance timbre which never existed before (as I thought).

I smelled everything - lux perfumes, niche and even raw materials. I realised that some aromatheraty blends smelled really close to my ideal but lacked the aesthetic. Nevertheless, materials of natural origin let me made the timbre I was so desperately hunting for and I started to compose fragrant sketches from essential oils.The result didn’t satisfy me but I kept trying. Then by a lucky chance I came across natural extracts of really high quality, they were from Nature’s gift. They were a game changer to me. It was a real thing, at last, and with its rose, jasmine and tuberose absolutes I’ve got a feeling that my attempts might be successful. Materials I used previously, wich was available in Russia was really disgusting and I didn't have a reference point to realise it. With materials of high quality my compositions really improved and I started to share my results with friends.

And then my friend suddenly told me: “I saw one perfumery brend, they make perfumes inspired by magic and alchemy. I think you can beat them, make one for me, please.” And I did, beacause it was really intersting for me to create something in this line. It was the first time I came across as a perfumer working on demand to create bespoke perfume. First, but not the last. The second perfume, made for my friend, is now a bestseller in my line: Dark Side of Goddess. And so it went. People asked me if they could buy my compositions, and I started to sell. Not all of them were my friends before, but we hit off with many of them and started to keep company. And, gradually, my hobby became a dream job. Then, it turns into a small business but it is another story.