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Anna Zworykina Perfumes are all-natural artisan fragrances for those perfumery connoisseurs, who would like to expand their horizon of olfactory sense and get incredible olfactory experiences.
Adventurous explorers that appreciate soulful hand-crafted creations will be glad to discover the unique symphony of natural art-extracts, its diversity and opportunities for self-exploration and expression.
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Anna Zworykina Perfumes is an artisan house, creating hand-crafted art-extracts exclusively of pure and natural essences for almost 15 years.

Anna is well-known among Russian perfumistas as an olfactory artist and popularizer of the natural perfume trend.
Anna Zworykina art extracrs creates exclusively from of pure and natural essences.
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Anna Zworykina art-extracts are journeys tickets to fantasyworlds. Hand made by an artist these creations let us express our personalities by finding something that resonates with you and no one else.
Nowadays, getting tired of modern world standards, more and more people are leaning towards a "slow-life" style and choosing hand-made creations. Hand-made things allow us to be in harmony with ourselves without chasing after superfluous expectations.

No compromise formulas no rules no hold barred!
Clearly storied fumes of unapologetic unshackled emotion and surreal, convulsive beauty: a beauty that breaks with conventions and received forms and questions and redefines what is normal, what counts as beautiful.

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Anna Zworykina blends are more like smell experiences or perfume escapes, pure fun for connoisseurs looking for something beyond perfumes created with the help of modern synthetic materials.
Natural only blends have a very peculiar projection: close to skin, quiet but excitingly complex upon a closer sniff.
Please be aware that natural perfumery has to be patch tested before continual wear.

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