Inside the Perfumer's Atelier

Home to my heart

I love every essence from my natural palette. They are so special and so diverse. Precious oud oils, vetiver extracts, patchouli, spikenard, angelica root are majestic beasts in the wilderness, with sweet, musky breath and starry eyes, beasts, full of strength and character. They are warm, serene and soothing at the same time. Peace and wildness perfectly combined in one bottle, isn't it a miracle? To smell them is like walking hand in hand with your loved one.

Myrrh oil, and frankincense, opoponax and elemy are smoky and resinous, rich, silken and woody. They feel ancient and half forgotten, like a memory of a dream. They are like a place in the heart of the night, vibrant, thrilling, full of colours, hidden in the shadows.
All of them are marked by incredible depth and complexity and every one is very special to me. They feel like home.
What will be in the darkness that remains?
They will.
They feel like home.
And they are the home to my heart.