Inside the Perfumer's Atelier


Hello to all new followers, so nice to see you here!⁠

Let me introduce myself. I am an olfactive artist, Anna Zworykina Perfumes is my brand) ⁠

I began my career in the sciences, becoming a biochemist with a phD, living and studying in Moscow. When I got my Ph.D., I came to realize I would prefer creative work to science. The year 2004 was a landmark in my career: I started making perfumes not only for my own needs but also for my friends. Since that time, many changes have taken place. In 2009, I wrote a book on natural perfumery, more than 6000 copies have been sold to this moment, so I'm very proud of it! My second book about the Art of olfaction is in progress.⁠

My blends are more like smell experiences or perfume escapes, pure fun for connoisseurs looking for something beyond perfumes created with the help of modern synthetic materials. Clearly storied fumes of unapologetic unshackled emotion and surreal, convulsive beauty: a beauty that breaks with conventions and received forms and questions and redefines what is normal, what counts as beautiful. No compromise formulas no rules no hold barred - that's my motto. ⁠

I would love to hear about you! ⁠