Welcome to my non-perfume collection
Here is the complete list. But that's not all
Try Anna Zworykina's fragrances if you like true vintage (for example a cuir de Russie leather made with real castoreum and birch tar); or if you like complex challenging scents which are like a riddle or a labyrinth (it's easy get lost in the ultimate complexity of natural materials vs clean simplicity of synthetic compounds).
Landscape perfumes
Perfumes about cool wind, sea breeze, sunlight, and high skies. These are fragrances of freshness, of nature's landscapes, sheer and bright.

150 days to summer
Currant mood
Silver Lavender
Wind from Kailash
Green Madness
Apple Orchard
Warm and Enveloping
Warm, warming, enveloping perfumes. Spices and vanilla, silk and cashmere, flowers, honey, and balsams.

Coffee and chocolate
Shiny Amber
Golden lavender
My vanilla
Fallen leaves
Honey and tar
Winter blush
It is a collection for those who are fond of dark fairytales and mystery stories. Smells of marshes and deep woods, stale waters and abandoned castles, seaweed, and damp wood.

Emerald green
Venetian red
Without words
Ghost house
The dark side of the Goddess
Perfume and curried leather are connected historically, and leather-themed fragrances have a long history. This collection is all about the smell of leather without any actual leather as an ingredient. It is about suede and leather, gloves and saddles… all kinds of leather and leather goods.

Cuir de Russie (Russian Leather)
Secret dreams
The Second Skin
Young Cossack
Tobacco Tuberose
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