My vanilla

My Vanilla -  balsamic and woody oriental fragrance.

Sea voyages, exotic flowers, tarred pine of ship deck, fumes of incenses and spices.

Black pepper, clove, galbanum, elemi, juniper berry, nutmeg, jasmine, cumin, orange blossom, cardamom, cedarwood, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, orris, agarwood.

Reviews for "My vanilla"

Anna Zworykina Perfumes' My Vanilla is a juicy bundle of cured vanilla beans whose sweetness is cut by green lentsicus leaves and smouldering incense. Through the thick smoke you can feel an exotic sweetness that is surprisingly floral - not at all gourmand as one would expect from anything containing "vanilla" in its title. It is spicy, exotic, narcotic. While I can see how vanilla migh`t have been a starting point for this fragrance - the result is not vanilla-dominated. Rather, it is a voluptuous oriental, influenced by the bombastic nature of Shalimar: burnt sugar and sweet spices are balanced with intensely smoky and slightly animalic choya nakh (destructive distillation of seashells) smoky-woody cedar to counterpoint the sweetness and pastry association, and perfumed with indolic jasmine and buttery orris and tonka beans. A very interesting addition to my gradually growing list of favourite all-natural perfumes. At first, My Vanilla has a strong, almost heavy presence - yet is utterly enjoyable to wear. The kind of scent that requires a special occasion. But of course like a good oriental, it fades into the softest, sweet whisper of vanilla.

Starts out f amiliar and linear, but the vanilla opening lasts only a moment, and then the aroma shifts with a dry crackle, and a spiciness takes over, clove and leather and juniper. The vanilla warmth regains some foothold later in the dry down. This perfume is a little dry for my personal preference, but is truly lovely and very carefully crafted. Anyone seeking a non-foody vanilla needs to give this a go.

This is one of Zworykina's best sellers. Starts out very smokey, like cigarette smoke. After some time, the vanilla comes out, pierced by flowers that are both bright and mild. I think this was the intention of Nicolai's Tonka Vanille, that may smell pretty on others, but just turned sour on me.