Warm and enveloping perfumes

Warm and enveloping perfumes. Vanilla and spices, silk and cashmere, balmy and honey notes.

Coffee and chocolate

A gourmet fragrance. First sip full of sunlight and oranges. Coffee, tangy and smoky, and chocolate with spices. Time stops at the point of balance, warm, vivid, pulsating.

Winter blush

Citrusy, floral, gourmet fragrance. Jolly, sparkling, and festive. Joys of winter: cheeks, blushed after a crisp air walk, brewing spicy mulled wine in a cozy home, eating an orange.

Shiny Amber

Shiny Amber is sunshine in a bottle. A perfume about summer warm, about glowing resins and sunlight, hidden in the depths of ancient fossilized amber.

My vanilla

Is anticulinary, balsamic and woody oriental fragrance. Sea voyages, exotic flowers, tarred pine of ship deck, fumes of incenses and spices.

Fallen leaves

Balsamic and woody fragrance of autumn. Leaves, fallen and damp, that had already lost the brightness of their colors, moist air, sun light, scarce and cold, tangy and still warm smell of earth, sadness and hope, farewell to the warm days.

Golden lavender

Warm lavender fragrance. Golden, downy, smooth lavender in a bouquet together with mimosa, cassia and roses. Comfort, cashmere, milk with vanilla, relaxation.