Shiny Amber

Shiny Amber is sunshine in a bottle. A perfume about summer warm, about glowing resins and sunlight, hidden in the depths of ancient fossilized amber. The warm dence heart amber accord is surrounded by bright sweet citruses and honeylike flowers. It’s main amber accord has been composed with two types of amber : “vegetable amber” – sweet resins of different plants, and “animal amber” – genuine ambergris (here I used tinctured beach harvested ambergris from New Zealand)

The aroma is shimmering with all shades of amber, it warms and relaxes.
If dubbed, the perfume comes as rich and dence amber scent with a bright sweet start. Eau de parfum in spray-form is airy, light and very warm, like a cashmere-silk shaul. Shiny Amber could be the ideal choice to wear when the weather is nasty and gloomy. And it smells magnificent when it’s really cold!

Perfume notes: ginger,  lemon, bergamot, yuzu, jasmine,  champaka, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla, tonka bean, ambergris (beach harvest).

Reviews for "Shiny Amber"

Ambers are usually for cosying up with in the winter but Shiny Amber is about the gifts of summer; bright sunshine and ripe fruit. It’s a lemony, citrus amber with lots of lift and radiance – not qualities you normally associate with amber fragrances. It makes for a nice twist on this classic genre and those fond of amber perfumes should welcome one that’s wearable in warmer weather.

Very pretty, with fresh citrus opening over warm amber. Both fresh and comforting. The high quality ingredients are apparent. I never before liked citrus in perfumes, but both Shiny Amber and 150 Days to Summer are glorious exceptions. The citrus in them is multifaceted, soft and fresh without ever becoming too sharp.