Revenge - a modern urban leather perfume. Leather, asphalt of  city streets,  and exotic lilies in hot summer air. Sharp like destroying jealousy and bitter like unanswered passion.

It shows, more or less obediently, leather; some wormwood with flowers; and gasoline exhaust of a landaulet in summer city… But unpredictable happens and it can draw you a sudden something, for example, a bouquet of lilies. Predatory tiger lilies wrapped in leather.

A perfume with many faces, it likes both heat and cold,  seashore and desert sands, aire libre and scalding concrete jungle of a city.

Galbanum, wormwood, bergamot, estragon, neroli, jasmine,  ylang ylang,  roses, white cedar, choya loban, tobacco, vanilla, labdanum,  orris, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver.

Reviews for "Revenge"

Another very beautiful creation, how I love these fragrances! A sharp green bitterness in the top, predominantly wormwood with galbanum, cuts through the fragrance with a precision blade, an anger created of envy. Strong, masculine tobacco is noted, not listed but its there. Anna's use of tobacco is both distinct and unique. Very light animalics with a strong sense of leather. A mellow, white cedar heart with ylang ylang and rose round out a creamy soft, powdery floral heart. There's a beautiful smoky resinous accord, thats supple and soft. And the whole fragrance settles to a soft powdery floral with leathery nuances.
Like most of Anna's perfumes its a story in a bottle. A striking contrast between a romantic notion of soft oriental florals, and a strong, masculine, tobacco leather finish. These ideal notions all divisively carved apart by a sharp, green bitterness that strikes an accord of jealousy. It's the ultimate tale of a lovers tryst incited by revenge.