Perfumes and leather have a deep historical connection, and leather theme in perfumery goes way back. The smell of leather without leather actually being there, that's what these fragrances speak of. Of leather and suede, of saddles and gloves, of luggage bags, of different kinds of leather.

Second skin

Soft, leather, gourmet chypre fragrance. Quiet strength, comfort, touching and whispering, velvety skin, prunes, tea and tobacco.

Cuir de Russie

Russian leather - a traditional take on the leather theme. Leather in its true, with no frills. Tar leather, tobacco, wormwood, floral, universal.

New suede

This is a soft suede with bergamot beginning, followed by wood and vanilla middle note. Flowers, powder, a hint of tobacco smoke as if coming from another room, and a pair of soft leather gloves.

Heroic oud

A fragrance with the dominant agarwood theme. Sharp, radiant, invigorating. Bold spices: green pepper, cinnamon, framed by the aroma of aquilaria, the noblest of the precious woods.


Revenge--an urban fragrance, exploring the leather theme. Leather, asphalt, hot summer air, and tropical lilies. Sharp blade of destructive jealousy and bitterness of passion.

Young Cossack

Leather, spicy, fragrant chypre. A thud of hoofs, dust, smoke, steppe covered with thyme and wormwood. Heat haze, leather of the gloves, of saddle and harness, honey and tobacco, blooming hedges--on the road again, towards a long evening by the fireplace.