"Gothic Collection" is for those who love mystery horror tales and twisted stories. Aromas of swamps and the deep of the forest, still waters and old castles, seaweed and damp wood.

Without words

Fragrance of spicy, flowery alcohol. Sharpness, dynamics, spinning carousel. Intoxicating and intoxicated roses, wormwood and absinthe, passion and bitterness.

Ghost house

This is a story about an old wooden house, with thick soft dust, creaky floorboards and winding stairs. Wind blowing through a broken window leaf touches the strings of an old grand piano, making them tremble soundly with sadness. Old coarsened bindings tightly hold pages, dry-cured by the adamant…

Venetian red

A fragrance dedicated to a paint pigment, Venetian red: heated ochre, vermillion, the color of blood. This fragrance also speaks of the rose, of dark seaweeds, damp wood, and resins.

Dark side of the Goddess

Balsamic fragrance on the gothic theme. Smoke of the ritual fires, quiet splashes of jasmine, moist earth, frankincense, deep woods.

Emerald green

An avant-garde fragrance. Ice, emerald's green, venom, sleek silvery snakes. Sharp, bitter, bright and crisp, hiding its floral heart of deep vine color under the green crust.


Aromatic portrait of Hue city, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Air saturated with rain and smell of swampy river, sacrificial fires, decay, and wet stones of the abandoned palaces, where nobody had lived for a long time.


Smooth, insinuating and equivocal scent. It starts off with a green beginning, while the heart opens up to the aromas of exotic flowers and bitter herbs, highlighted by the depth of sandalwood.