Perfume Collection

Dense or sheer, luscious, delicate – in the rich array of Anna Zworykina Perfumes collection you may find a unique fragrance that will become your perfume companion. Perfumes of regular collection are put into groups to better guide you in finding your fragrances. Perfumes of the Regular collection are also represented in sample sets.


Cool wind, sea breeze, sunlight and high skies. These are fragrances of freshness, of nature's landscapes, sheer and bright.


Fragrances from all corners of the world. Bursting buds, bouquets and garlands of flowers, framed by precious fragrant resins and wood. Sensual aromas, dramatic and romantic, each one as different as a flower.

Warm and enveloping

Warm and enveloping perfumes. Vanilla and spices, silk and cashmere, balmy and honey notes.


Perfumes and leather have a deep historical connection, and leather theme in perfumery goes way back. The smell of leather without leather actually being there, that's what these fragrances speak of. Of leather and suede, of saddles and gloves, of luggage bags, of different kinds of leather.


"Gothic Collection" is for those who love mystery horror tales and twisted stories. Aromas of swamps and the deep of the forest, still waters and old castles, seaweed and damp wood.

Sample sets

You just started getting acquainted with the unique character of natural perfumes? These sample sets of Anna Zworykina Perfumes were created especially for you! Try the ones that interested you most and discover your favorites

If you are considering purchasing natural perfumes for the first time, please be sure to read the page

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