Young Cossack

Young Cossak  - a leather aromatic chypre. Clopping of horse hooves, dust, smoke, steppe covered with thyme and absinthe. Heat haze, leather gloves, saddles and harness, tobacco and honey, flowering hawthorn hedgegrow, - and the road again, with a  reward  - a long evening by the hearth - ahead .

A perfume-landscape, it has heroes – men and horses, as well as vastness of flatlands, and a day-long passing of the sun in the sky. Surprisingly, but whole the story started off with an image of sheaf of dry aromatic wormwood forgotten with a leather glove…

Wormwood, thyme, oregano, immortelle, vetyver, oakmoss - all the shades of brown and green.

Galbanum, absinthe, davana, tarragon, thyme, lavender, cumin, frankincense, immortelle, tobacco, vetivet, oakmoss, costus, agarwood.

Reviews for "Young Cossack"

Young Cossack (in Russia Cossacks have a more positive reputation than abroad) is a lovely animalic hay-tonka accord that would make a wonderful masculine, with or without sabre and horse.

A beautiful, fresh, woody green opening, wormwood and galbanum take my breath away. The woody green notes are brisk, and mingled with herbacious green scents, like a cold dry morning on an expansive grassland, the vegetal aromas waft gently. There's a warmth arising from the smoky notes and the cumin, and a dusky leathery accord, lightly animalic, but earthy. There's a rich, heavy tobacco. This really reminds me of days gone by, heavy, muscular horses in sweaty, lathered, leather tack, pulling hay laden wagons. Their drivers smoking tobacco pipes, leather tobacco pouches never far from hand. Dirty dusty roads lined by a verge row of thick green vegetal weeds, galbanum, immortelle, wormwood, and beyond a grassland leading to light, dry woods. This is one beautiful quite complex, leather chypre that is very, very worthy of owning!

On my skin this fragrance is mainly about tobacco. It smells a lot like Swedish snus or moist powder tobacco. The cumin is quite strong as is the thyme and tarragon although they blend together seamlessly with the tobacco. There is also something that reminds me of a licorice powder from my childhood which also contained salmiac and peppercorn. It all comes together quite leathery and old fashioned. I imagine this is what a Swedish stable worker could have smelled like in the 19th century.
Edit: In the dry-down on my skin the cumin and herbs I guess, have taken on an additional animalic quality aside from leather and I can smell soft goat hair. I find it quite interesting and intriguing.

Young Cossack is a full narrative film. A road movie.
It starts in the chilly morning with a crisp, bitter blast of wormwood and galbanum. As the sun rises and heats up the fields, a sweet smell of herbs and tobacco take over. After some time, the journey continues into dense woods to finally end by the smokey camp fire. It takes me at least 6 hours to get there and the each part is equally pleasant. Often it lasts until the next morning. Even more gorgeous on my (male) partner, however that could even be possible.