Perfumes and leather have a deep historical connection, and leather theme in perfumery goes way back. The smell of leather without leather actually being there, that's what these fragrances speak of. Of leather and suede, of saddles and gloves, of luggage bags, of different kinds of leather.

Cuir de Russie

Russian leather - a traditional take on the leather theme. Leather in its true, with no frills. Tar leather, tobacco, wormwood, floral, universal.

Second skin

Soft, leather, gourmet chypre fragrance. Quiet strength, comfort, touching and whispering, velvety skin, prunes, tea and tobacco.


A leather floral perfume. Green bitterness, milky-white flowers in a half-light of a library, soft clouds of tobacco smoke, cozy leather chairs, silence and comfort.

Young Cossack

Leather, spicy, fragrant chypre. A thud of hoofs, dust, smoke, steppe covered with thyme and wormwood. Heat haze, leather of the gloves, of saddle and harness, honey and tobacco, blooming hedges--on the road again, towards a long evening by the fireplace.

Secret dreams

Secret dreams - a leather perfume that opens the door of you inner private chamber. What desires or fears are kept hidden in the depth of a heart? What dreams slips away faster then could be clothed in words? A key on a leather string can open the room, perfume can catch elusive dreams into it’s nets.…


Revenge - a modern urban leather perfume. Leather, asphalt of city streets, and exotic lilies in hot summer air. Sharp like destroying jealousy and bitter like unanswered passion.