Silver Lavender

A lavender fougere. Clear sky, first green leaves, spring wind brings cooling murmur of the river. The life is all yours to live.

This  clear and very clean transparent fragrance demands high clear sky and cool but not chilly weather. Spray it if what you  want is incense, roses and orris, or dab it if all you want is lavender. It grounds very well, calms down and sets you into meditative mood.

Galbanum, rosemary, absinthe, yuzu, frankincense, elemi, sage, lavender, rose de may, jasmine, orris, labdanum, oakmoss, opoponax, sandalwood.

Reviews for "Silver Lavender"

… and the bells sound over the Oka river… The hot July evening and the coolness of the monastery walls… the clean yard and the white walls along with the silence… it smells of candle wax, frankincense, smoke and cleanliness - the kind of cleanliness that is associated with monasteries. Also the bunches of dry grass, the smell of the nearly mown meadows and some book dust. The cleanness, fragility, sainthood and faith… I adore this Lavender!

I like lavender in almost every possible form and bouquet, an exeption could be a mix of lavender and “white flower noise” (an example of such noise for me is Pleasures by Estee Lauder – blindingly loud and annoying material(s) ) Here in Silver Lavender, praise God!, is absolutely my lavender – it is silky and smooth like thick loose satine made of natural silk - silvery, with unusual yellowish-lilac tinge. And extremely deliciously rounded base gives the perfume pleasant weight and seriousness. The base is almost animalic, but without animalic warmth. An extremely good lavender to me.
A single word of caution for those who always looks for “that-very-one-and-only-the–best-lavender-on-earth” – this is not it. It doesn’t work this way. It’s not about lavender as it is. It’s about flying, gliding, about sweeping movement forward, about the end of summer, chilly fogs, a warm cabin in the wood . About a delight to sit on a porch of this house early in the morning, just out of bed, wrapped up in a warm wool blanket, see the distant rising almost autumn sun with sleepy eyes, sip hot coffee and smoke the first cigarette of the day.
It is strange but with all it’s impetus and drive the perfume has a very , if I may say so, lived-in feeling . It doesn’t exist separately from you just on skin, it seems to be somewhere inside, as if you’ve spend all your life in a very plesant place and it’s smell saturated you completely and now you bring it with you like a farewell blessing wherever you go.