Wind from mountain Kailash

Wind from mountain Kailash perfume is fresh, with cold and windy top notes, resins and sacred inceses in the middle and  burnt tibetian healing incenses aftertaste.

For Hindus, Kailash is the home of the mountain god Shiva and a sign of his power symbol om. Legends say that  Garuda was born on the top of  the mountain to protect the men race from disasters sent by the serpent race of Nags.

Ideal for hot weater.

White sage, wormwood, elemi, cedarwood, guiacwood, frankincense, lavender, oregano, opoponax.

Reviews for "Wind from mountain Kailash"

The music of the wind. The thin, icy echo of the metal tubes – the sound of the mountain winds. The shine of the sun rays emanating from the snowy summits. The cold, the blinding light and the feeling of absolute happiness. Life – here and now. The cold sunlight, the wind coming from the mountain tops flow through me and make me cry from the realization of the existence of all those things. The music of the wind can be barely heard… while this – this is the real Wind, blowing from the Main Chakra of the Planet – now it shall be with me forever.