Currant mood

Currant mood - blackcurrant chypre. It’s a story of summer warmth, that comes to replace wild spring. It is a vivid mix of blackcurrant tea, green tomato leaves, jasmine and garden rose blossoms on a chypre base, smelling of a misterious forest. Currant mood will blow you back to spring and green flourish even form the darkest and coldest winter.

If dabbed, the perfume shows more green buds, lush vegetation and tea notes with old wood and forest with dark moss. If sprayed – more blossoms, warm summer light, and sillage is airy and pleasant.  

Blackcurrant buds, tomato leaves, bergamote, rose, jasmine, green tea, lavender, labdanum, oakmoss, vetiver

Reviews for "Currant mood"

Currant Mood is sunny summer days, from my childhood, in a bottle. I loved this scent from the first moment I sniffed it. It's an amazing creation!

The scent opens with a blast of blackcurrant. Berries, leaves - the entire bush. It's an amazingly juicy, sunny and green smell - in a photorealistic way. It's literally like being in a lush summer garden and smelling a real blackcurrant bush.

We had blackcurrant bushes in our garden when I grew up. And I used to help picking the berries and cleaning them before we carried them inside to make blackcurrant jam. And this scent takes me right back.

After the first juicy explosion of ripe berries the scent slowly gets greener and warmer - and somewhat sweeter. It's a surprisingly soft scent. It's not cold green, or sharp green or citrusy fresh green. It's green in a way I've never experienced much in perfume before. It's sunny warm, slightly earthy and really soft. It feels like resting on moss. It's a cozy, calming, gorgeus green smell that never gets too dense or too heavy. To my nose this is green perfection!

The very interesting tomato leaf note is present. But if you don't know it's there, you don't perceive it as tomato leaf. It simply adds an interesting dimension to the blackcurrant leaf smell. A new and beautiful nuance of aromatic green that keeps the scent from being too sharp or like cat pee (which blackcurrant sometimes can smell like). I do get a littlebit of that cat pee smell in the very beginning, but that only lasts for a second or two. Then the gorgeusness of this scent takes over.

Longevity is very good, I get 6-8 hours out of this. Sometimes it lingers even longer. Sillage is strong right away, but the scent dries down to a soft medium after a short while, before it turns into a lovely skin scent.

I have a new green favourite in my collection - and a new spring and summer love. This is so good! Simply stunning! :)