Apple orchard

Apple Orchard – is a fruity сhypre. The smell of Apple Orchard tells the story of that very time when leaves are about to turn yellow, of crab apples falling free to the ground,  of an abandonned apple orchard, where grow mixed together wild and cultivated apple-trees, of magical herbs,  of cold earth and  of fruit-tree firewood, burning with lazy but hot, pinkish flame.

Autumn is the best season to wear it, whether it is sunny or rainy.

Galbanum, black currant bud, jasmine, neroli, champaka, roses, lavender, oregano, cognac, cardamom, angelica, oakmoss, vetiver, labdanum, vanilla.

Reviews for "Apple orchard"

Apple Orchard is not so much about apples as it is about the orchard. And I envision an abandoned orchard, at the end of fall. Some of the apples are still dangling from the naked boughs, but most of them are already rotting on the ground… At first, there is an apple-y accord, but with a significant amount of mustiness, which makes you immediately think of the abandoned orchard I describer earlier… Then you are reminded of the fertile soil underneath, forgiving the inattentive farmers and receiving these rejected fruit with open arms. This gradually evolves into the spiciness of oak barrels, with hints of musky opoponax, allspice and cloves.

Wearing Anna's Apple Orchard today and trying to put the experience into words. Natural perfumery speaks a different language and requires a special approach. It doesn't always has the exact terms (perfume notes) and relies much more on perception and imagination. So, please don't look for apples here, but just imagine them instead.

This perfume gives me a couple of pictures from the life of an Apple Orchard as if I had a chance to visit it four times, once in a month, from August till November. Four pictures of the scent are:
August: the scent opens with the freshness of green leaves and the chartreuse shade of yet bitter apples. Joyful and energizing.
September: it flirts with me seducing with its fruity notes. But once I try to catch them, I get nothing but the waxy feeling of an apple skin under my nose.
October: the slight melancholy embraces me with the bitterness of fallen leaves.
November: the time of reflection while sitting next to the open fire with a glass of Calvados.

Apple Orchard is a fruity chypre. On my skin it develops into a woody resinous smell with a bitter undertone, green freshness and just a slight fruity nuance. Very autumnal.

The wet stage features a dry woodiness and a bright tart apple. The aroma is crisp and green, with a dirt note. This is not the cliche, typical gourmand apple dessert I expected. It is totally different, a very earthy aroma. Unusual, fascinating, and oddly captivating. Gardeners and botanical lovers of notes like tomato leaf absolutely must experience this perfume!

The opening is like a fall apple (mine is red, though!) straight off the tree with some discreet spices swirling around. Bitter herbs enter and the labdanum hits at full force. Later, the apple comes tiptoeing back, breaking up the denseness of the resins.
It's one of Zworykina's great strengths to be able to fit the whole palette from deep and dense to light and delicate in the same fragrance, often at the same time. I have seen it done in different ways in many of her other perfumes, amazing complexity!
And how does she get that natural apple smell??

An olfactory evocation of autumn, Apple Orchard is a fruity/smoky fragrance rather than a straight-up apple perfume (as you can see from the notes).   It speaks softly of dimming light, misty mornings and bonfires of fruitwood. It cleverly evokes that wistful feeling I often have in those months, with their long, leaning shadows. I find Apple Orchard  quietly enchanting.