Landscape perfums

Cool wind, sea breeze, sunlight and high skies. These are fragrances of freshness, of nature's landscapes, sheer and bright.

Currant mood

Blackcurrant chypre. It’s a story of summer warmth, that comes to replace wild spring. It is a vivid mix of blackcurrant tea, green tomato leaves, jasmine and garden rose blossoms on a chypre base, smelling of a misterious forest.

Green madness

Bright vetiver and wormwood chypre. A fragrance that brews together shinning sunlight, bewitching green flames, and the deep of the woods. Melody of the grass, mystical shadows, wild tangled vegetation and dry earth beneath the carpet on pine needles.

Wind from mountain Kailash

Cold and clear, herbs and incenses, precious wood and healing fumes. Mount Kailash in Himalayas is often considered to be an abode of Shiva. The top of this mountain was a birthplace of garuda birds, magic creatures that would come down into the valley to save people from disease.


Verdigris - a lavender and sage fougere. It’s name is the name of grayish-green colour, same as the colour of sage. Aroma is green and bitter, tart; at once rough and velvety. It has all the components of a classic fougere: the citrus-galbanum top, the heart embroidered in jasmine and lavender over…

150 days to summer

A classic cologne composition: citruses, greenery, spicy herbs. A breath of summer in any season. A simple morning joy. Rings with clarity and lightness.

Apple orchard

A fruity chypre. Green leaves, aromas of crab apples and grass, tree bark, earth and smoke. This is a garden, where cultured apple trees grow together with wild trees and magic herbs.

Silver Lavender

A lavender fougere. Clear sky, first green leaves, spring wind brings cooling murmur of the river. The life is all yours to live. This clear and very clean transparent fragrance demands high clear sky and cool but not chilly weather.