Hue  -  aromatic portrait of the city of Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. All the shades of grey stones and plaster. Grey bark of trees, and pipals painted cream with spots of fungi and lichens. Bluish-white porcelain chips of mosaicked walls. Ancient roof-tiles, once terracotta, are all green now with moss. The green of leaves, of grass, of water plants, green of pond water, bright flowers of water hyacinth and sacred blue lotus. The carmine of old pagodas, wood of garden houses dark with time, bluish-green sides of huge incense burners, whitish-grey smoke of burning incense leaving soot on stone walls.

It is a very strange perfume, maybe the most difficult for understanding of all the others in the regular collection. First of all because it is more a portrait then a perfume. It’s very lasting, with noticeable sillage and troubled character. To feel the atmosphere of the place, even make things hyper realistic it’s better to wear the perfume in hot and humid weather. Then it works magic.

Mango leaf, violet leaf, seaweed, elemi, choya nakh, choya loban, choya ral, kewda, hop, jasmine, frangipani, pink lotus, juniper, rose, lavender, frankincense, agarwood, angelica, labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, mitti attar, sandalwood, saffron, myrrh.

Reviews for "Hue"

An ancient seaside city, lost by the tides of time. Salty, thick, green mossy pungence lines the narrow, empty stone streets. Incense smoke rises from burners, like ghosts of of a distant past, in the hauntingly empty city. An overgrown moat brims with lily pads, it blooms vibrantly with lotus flowers; the delicate magic of the lotus has overcome the city. There's a dank, sweetly rotting smell, mango in its overripe glory adds a sweetly offensive nostalgia to this place of abandonment. A regal, rich dark wood, agarwood, saffron and elemi, elude to kings of past. They wander the streets like shadowy wraiths bringing a deep sense of foreboding under the glaring sunlight in the stark void of their realm. Its utterly, beautifully haunting, ghostly; Hue is a city of dead kings.