Fragrances from all corners of the world. Bursting buds, bouquets and garlands of flowers, framed by precious fragrant resins and wood. Sensual aromas, dramatic and romantic, each one as different as a flower.

White silk

Oriental floral fragrance. Pure white, containing the rainbow in itself. Music of happiness. Bright citruses, intoxicating jasmine, and a deep sea of sandalwood.

Sea Foam

Sea Foam meets you with a soft green breeze, full of fresh young leaves and blooming orange trees. It enchants with soft exotic blossoms, and tender creamy colour of coffee-tree flowers makes tuberose even whiter.

Winter blush

Citrusy, floral, gourmet fragrance. Jolly, sparkling, and festive. Joys of winter: cheeks, blushed after a crisp air walk, brewing spicy mulled wine in a cozy home, eating an orange.

Jasmine and agarwood

Floral, balsamic, and oriental fragrance. Graceful, yet full of contrasts and dynamics. Honey jasmine and passionate, dense hues of agarwood. Velvet, honey, bitter smoke, an avalanche of flowers, a tropical night. Golden glow and dark depth.

Musk rose

Sheer rose soliflore. Thicket of wild roses, enchanted castle, crinolines, delicate lace and music, shimmering lights and cool wind. Falling in love, swirl of flower petals.


Spicy and floral fragrance that draws you into a thoughtless state.Worries and troubles melt in the heat of spices and dissolve in a flowery haze. Surrendering to the flow of this fragrance can lead to where no words exist.

№ 3

Delicate rosy powder, sugared violet petals, lights flickering in crystal, crumbling meringue, laziness and bliss. Porcelain figurines, a cup of cocoa. Gauze drapery turns the gleam of morning sun into iris twilight.

Black Gardenia

Black gardenia- leather-flowery fragrance with spicy and animalistic notes. Billy Holiday wore a gardenia in her hair. Black gardenia - is gardenia with a thick dark lining, with a leather tone and a jazzy attitude.


A leather floral perfume. Green bitterness, milky-white flowers in a half-light of a library, soft clouds of tobacco smoke, cozy leather chairs, silence and comfort.