Anna Zworykina Perfumes

Anna Zworykina Perfumes are all-natural artisan fragrances for those perfume connoisseurs who would like to expand their olfactory horizons and experiences. Adventurous explorers that appreciate soulful, hand-crafted creations will be glad to discover this unique symphony of natural perfume, its diversity and opportunities for self-exploration and expression.

Anna Zworykina Perfumes is an artisan perfume house, creating hand-crafted perfumes exclusively of pure and natural essences for almost 15 years.

Anna is well-known among Russian perfumistas as a perfumer and popularizer of the natural perfume trend.

Anna Zworykina Perfumes are created exclusively from of pure and natural essences. Anna has over 500 natural ingredients in her perfumery palette. Anna's experience, her theoretical and practical knowledge enable her to select only the best quality perfumery materials. In years of working in perfumery field, Anna selected suppliers with impeccable reputation and best products on the market.  

Regular Сollection and Limited Edition Collections of Anna Zworykina Perfumes contain about 100 perfumes - from classic compositions to avant garde, "rebel" scents. It is represented by light and sunny groups of "Landscape" fragrances, "Floral" perfumes, cozy "Warm and Enwrapping" fragrance compositions. Special pride of regular collection of Anna Zworykina Perfumes is the "Leather" collection that explores all leather themes, and also "Gothic" collection that contains perfumes with the intriguing game of aromatic notes and shifting accents, creating perfume tales for the most demanding and unusual olfactory tastes.

Most perfumes created by Anna Zworykina are unisex and will suit both male and female aficionados of natural perfumery.

Regular Сollection perfumes are alcohol based in Parfum and Eau de Parfum concentration.